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Kalimori is a space where people with intellectual disabilities and within the autistic spectrum can improve their quality of life by developing their potential and learning social adaptive skills which allows them to become more independent in a safe environment.

We offer three programs:


Our residents live in Kalimori and take part of every daily activity. To  join this program the candidate must go through an initial evaluation were we determine what specific support the person may require and if Kalimori is the right choice to meet those needs. Once evaluated, the person begins their transition process while we adapt a program based on their specific needs and abilities in order to accommodate them permanently in house.


*Pets are allowed (extra cost)


We are aware that the population with intellectual disabilities in Malinalco and its surroundings needs alternatives to the ones provided by the government, many of which end when the person turns 21. Because of this problem, Kalimori offers full or part time scholarships where the participants take part in our workshops with the residents during the day and return home in the afternoon.


We offer an alternative for weekends and vacation periods, where people who are not yet suited or ready for the residency can take part in our activities. This way, people with intellectual disabilities or within the autistic spectrum can be part of a group where they may be able to improve their abilities in a safe and fun environment.


*Pets are allowed (extra cost)


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