KALIMORI AC, hereinafter referred to as KALIMORI, with address at Carretera Capulin-Malinalco-Chalma Km 20.6, San Sebastian Malinalco, State of Mexico, is responsible for collecting your personal data, as well as the use and protection given to them. , which will always be treated under the principles of the law, the consent, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility, in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Information Held by Private Parties, its regulations and the Notice Guidelines of Privacy issued by the Ministry of Economy.


The use of your personal information.


The personal information provided by the user will be used in the following ways in order to provide or services:


  • Fulfill the obligations offered to you for the adult or minor with intellectual disability and in the autism spectrum for which you are hiring our services, with the purpose of offering whole development alternatives with total satisfaction.

  • To elaborate an activity plan based on the specific needs of each of our residents.

  • For the payments and invoices of our service.

  • For us to communicate new workshops, course, vacations and any other activity Kalimori sees fit to take part in and is provided to you.



On another matter we use personal information not for the services we provide but helps us better ourselves in providing better assistance with our users:


  • Mailing list for special offers and promotions


If you do not wish for your personal information to be used in any other way please send an e-mail to stating this wish. Saying so will not be a motive for us not to provide you with our services or products.


Personal information needed


For us to be able to provide you with our services and abide by this privacy policy we require the following information:


  1. From you:

Full name, E-Mail address, Home Address, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Nationality, Citizen ID number, Age, Home Address Corroboration, Copy of an official ID (Passport, Drivers License, etc) Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number.


  1. The adult or minor with intellectual disability or in the autism spectrum in need of our service:

Full Name, Age, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Nationality and Photo ID.


The information provided will be asked for by telephone, e mail or by our web page.


Personal information in need of protection.


Apart from the information provided prior to this we will need more details which we believe need more privacy which are:

  1. From you:

Labor, financial and patrimony information.

  1. From the adult or minor person with intellectual disability or in the autism spectrum in need of our services:

Diseases or medical conditions, allergies, medication (times and quantity) blood type, family medical history.



Personal information sharing.


KALIMORI will never sell, rent or share any information given to us to a third party with the exception of a warrant or court order.


Protecting your personal information.


We would like to inform you that protecting the information of our minors, interdicted people and people with special conditions in terms of the law is of the utmost importance, that is why we have established that KALIMORI will protect your information to best of our ability by taking measures that will prevent you information from being damaged, altered, destroyed, used or divulged in any other way.


ARCO rights: Access, Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition of your personal information.


You have the right to know what personal information we have of you, what we use it for and the terms of use we give them (Access). It is also your right to ask for a correction in any or all of you information in case it is not up to date, it being not exact or incomplete (Rectification), that we eliminate it from our registries o database when and if you consider that it is not being used as stated in this privacy policy (Cancelation); and oppose to the use of your information for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.


To make use of these rights you must contact our offices directly or via e mail:


Phone number: +52 55 2737-0452

Carretera Capulin-Malinalco-Chalma Km 20.6, San Sebastian Malinalco, Estado de Mexico.


Your petition must contain the following information:

  1. Name of the person

  2. E mail address

  3. A brief and concise description of what it is you want and which right you want us to enforce (Access, Rectification, Cancelation or Opposition)

  4. Any further element, information or document that might help retrieve your personal information

  5. If you want to rectify any information you must be specific on what you would like to modify or change and provide us with the documentation backing up the update of your file.


Once we receive your request for one or more of the means mentioned above, Kalimori will contact you if your request was approved or not and the reason why within a 15-day time limit. In the case of approved requests, you will have access to your personal file where you can rectify, cancel or finalize the use of this information as long as it was stated vie e mail address or by telephone.


How to revoke the consent of the use of personal information


You may revoke the consent given to us on the use of your personal information. However, it is important that you understand that is some cases we will not be able to tend you request or revoke it immediately due to the fact that we may need to continue to use your personal information for any legal obligations. Furthermore, you must understand that by revoking your consent we may not be able to continue the service we provide and therefore would end the relationship. To revoke your personal information, you must follow the same instructions provided for the ARCO rights.


Our website uses cookies

We inform you that our website has the use of cookies so we can monitor the uses of our website and its behavior in order to provide a better service and user-friendly experience.


The information brought to us by these cookies are time frame in which you enter our site and the sections you browse.


We assure you that the information provided by cookies is not shared with third parties, you may disable the use of cookies by following the instructions bellow:


  1. Access our web page and enter the section “Terms of use”, subsection “Cookies”

  2. Click on “Cookies”

  3. Read the warning message on disabling cookies, and

  4. Click to activate the mechanism which disables cookies.





This privacy policy may undergo modifications, changes, updates or adjustments, we recommend you read our privacy terms regularly on our web site.


Any modification made to this privacy policy you will be able to consult it in, the Privacy Policy section.


If you consider we are violating your right to privacy in any way please contact us immediately to and we will deal with the situation accordingly.




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